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Welcome, to another interactive illustration of my past website design and internet development work. To begin, on this project I incorporated AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), ActionScript (Flash), XML, PHP and Mod_Perl. Then we infused the framework with a combination of Cross-Browser JavaScript, DHTML, CSS and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) to bring the graphical user interface ideas and controls to life. Next, I revised the entire website structure and framework to elevate our organic keyword ranks throughout most, if not all, major search engines and content crawlers.
Considering I don't stop until all our code is completely cross-browser and cross-platform independant, which means we always go the extra mile to make sure our scripting, markup and styling adhere to the strict rules and protocols set forth by the World Wide Web Consotrium (WC3), the international community tasked with developing the standards necessary in keeping the internet fully inter-operational, the interface is close to being flawless. Truly, I invite you to check out my code for yourself, simply click any of the W3C buttons to the right or review the document structure.
W3C Compliant
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WC3 Verified CSS Level 3 - Click to verify our CSS stylesheets
Considering the fact that mostly JavaScript (raw), ActionScript(Flash), CSS and DHTML were used in its development, the entire website was kept as easy as possible to update by tying it all up with XML and AJAX technologies. The showcases arefed property information via XML feeds or documents. This, to clarify, means a novice computer user can easily update all property information, imagery, links and data with ease, considering they keep within the website update guidelines. There were also programs written to automatically generate HTML documents for use as online communication and marketing documents, I augmented this ability by introducing dynamically generated PDF (Portable Document Format) property brochures that may be printed, saved and emailed by the end-user with ease.

This website, as technologically saavy as it presents itself to be, is also fully cross-browser and cross-platform compatible, as is ALL our internet development and technology engineering work. This denotes that it functions and is viewable in its originally intended format and design on all browsers including Microsofts' Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Apples' Safari and Opera. The scripting and markup are Windows, Mac and Linux platform independent, making it much more suitable for mass marketing and internet proliferation than common in today's development environments. In the long run it all makes a difference, and to the eye of savvy search engine algorithms and information crawlers, any little oversight will inevitably be a key factor in determining your websites' keyword and content rankings.

All in all, this project was a blast to work on and is always fun to keep updated for the client. Hope you enjoy this showcase as much as it was to design and develop it! To view my interactive user interface click the large screenshot image directly above this introductory text. If you have any questions or would like more information about our custom technology, branding, design or marketing services simply email me the one man website design & technology development team. And as always, I thank you for your time & patronage, I'll look forward to hearing from you today or sometime in the near future.

Louie Rd
Senior Technical Advisor
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Website Design - Website Development - Creative Design - Internet Design - Internet Development - Information Technology - IT Development - Flash - XML - DHTML - Actionscript - CSS - AJAX - Mod Perl - PHP